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Barkat Charania
Chief Executive
Rahim Charania
President, CGC
Conrad Hill
Barkat Charania
Charania Group of Companies

As the Chief Executive officer of The Charania Group of Companies, Barkat Charania has over thirty-five years of extensive experience in all aspects of international investments. Mr. BC has worked with some of the largest real estate firms in the world. In the last 35 years Mr. B.C. has also, through holdings of CGC, managed and developed large hospitality focused real estate properties. Through the company he has brokered deals with major Real Estate Investment Trusts and other large real estate companies. Many leaders of nationally recognized companies rely on B.C. for his insight into the real estate market here in the US and internationally. Through his in-depth knowledge of the global economy and it’s subtle yet important nuances, Mr. BC has led his investors to tremendous results in a competitive and fast paced global economy.
Rahim Charania
Charania group of Companies

Since Mr. Charania took over the helm of the Charania Group of Companies, the firm has increased its investment output by 650% and raised the returns from 9.5% to over 13% on average. Mr. Charania has his BBA and his MBA from Georgia State University. He is also certified by the Georgia construction management institute in Construction management. During his extensive business career he has worked for Fortune 500 companies here in the United States as well as in Europe. Mr. Charania brings a wealth of experience and foresight to the investments of CGC as he leads the large group of investors to ever greater returns.
Conrad Hill
Vice President
BC Investments & Realty, Inc.

As Vice-President of BC Investments & Realty Co. Conrad Hill manages the company’s day to day operations, agents and employees. With extensive sales and management experience as well as expertise in hands-on administration of office systems and processes, Mr. Hill has effectively and lucratively merged the market insight of a seasoned real estate professional with an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the last 25 years Mr. Hill’s ability to identify, focus and execute pivotal priorities has earned him key roles in real estate and business management companies. His management capabilities, sales skills and perseverance lead to a team sales accomplishment of more than 400 real estate transactions closed in 2006.
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